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SewDog Belly Bands are truly customized to fit your dog's body and specific needs.  We have also added All-In-One Incontinent Belly Bands 
as well as various types of
 Re-Useable Washable Pads.

Dogs need belly bands for different reasons; 
as a housetraining tool, for disabled 
dogs, kidney and bladder problems, some dribble when they get excited, others mark everything they think they own 
and for boys that just can't "hold it" anymore.

   SewDog Belly Bands are the best.  They are one
of a kind, customized, quilted, padded, 
double top stitched and handsomely stylish
 just for you and your dog.  

See What's Sewing at SewDog Studio:

SewDog Studio's Ready Made Belly Bands at Discount Prices

Belly Bands are underwear... they actually touch skin and the private regions.  
For Health & Hygiene Reasons SewDog Belly Bands are

SewDog Belly Bands are a Custom Made Belly band and are made based on the measurements,
 choice of fabric, etc you provide.  





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